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Advantages of Nitrogen Filled automobile tires

Problem: Tire pressure escapes over time Cause: Oxygen leaks out, Temperatures change Application: All models Solution: Filling tires with nitrogen Where to buy: Dealerships, tire shops Cost: $5 – $10 per tire Tires are commonly filled with compressed air, but recently there has been a lot of talk about filling automobile tires with pure nitrogen.  Nitrogen

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Importance of torque values

The importance of using proper torque values for nuts and bolts

Whether installing your lug bolts on your car after removing a tire, replacing spark plugs, or replacing a water pump,  each bolt or nut you tighten on your car has calculated torque values it should meet for reassembly.  Both under torquing and over torquing a bolt can have catastrophic failure, therefore it is important to tighten each bolt

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