BMW droopy / sloppy windshield wiper arm fix

BMW E30 sloppy washer arm grommet
Problem: Droopy / sloppy wiper arms.
Application: 1502, 2002, 2500, E21, E30, E12, E28, E24, E23, E38
Solution: Replace damper grommet
OEM part number: 61611353754
Where to buy:,, Dealership
Cost: $5.09 each (2 per car)

What is the cause of sloppy wiper blades?

Plastics and rubbers do not age well, over time they dry out and crack through oxidation.  If you have sloppy / floppy windshield wiper arms the cause is due to dried / cracked out damper bushings.  This is a very simple fix that will make your life a lot less stressful by never having to readjust the arms by not returning them back to their normal resting spot on your windshield.

What is the procedure?

The fix is simple, remove the wiper arm (13mm nut under plastic closeout on E30).  Remove the stack up of hardware until you can see the dried out and cracked damper grommet or what is left of it.  The easiest way to remove is by using a set of pick tools and or small pliers.  Once removed obtain your new grommet, you may want to lube it up with dish soap or a little contact great.  This will allow the grommet to pop into place easier.  

Simply press the grommet in the cutout so the sheet metal on sits in the groove of the grommet.  Once in place, reassemble the arm in reverse order.  Repeat for the other side and you are done.  You can grab the arm and try to move it around and will notice a huge difference.  The biggest difference you will notice is never having to move the arms back up from drooping down after use.

BMW E30 sloppy washer arm grommet