BMW wheel paint codes

bmw wheel paint codes

BMW wheel paint codes:

Below are the most common wheel paint codes, not all are shown. Modern BMW wheels have become more complex by not only being painted with unique colors, but also unique combinations compared to wheels found on BMW classics, which have typically been just silver. Reference the chart below for the paint codes and under the chart you will find further information on the most common paint colors.

Identifying your current paint code is not as easy as finding the paint code for the body of your vehicle. The wheels are not identified with any markings to identify the existing paint code. The most common paint code is 144 for wheels up until the early 2000s when BMW then started to transfer to more modern colors and paint processes.

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BMW Wheel Paint Codes

Acid Orange C2T
Arctic Silver 309
Bright Silver A54
Brilliant Line Grey A57 51912160215
Chrome Shadow Silver A56
Decor Silver I A55 51911052671
Decor Silver II B20 51912180538
Ferric Grey I A80 51910441634
Ferric Grey II B55
Kamacitgrau A91 51912180536
Night Fever Black B04
Orbit Grey B35
Pure Silver 900
Reflex Silver A44 51912160218
Silver 144 51912160221
BMW Acid Orange Paint code C2T Acid Orange: C2T

Made famous by the style 666 F80 M4 GTS wheels as the accent color found through the vehicle, including the wheels.

Style 65 Chrome Shadow Silver Chrome Shadow Silver: A56

A difficult paint to match. A unique process in which the wheel is finished in black paint first then sprayed lightly with silver to allow some of the black to show through. Not many wheel sets from the factory matched exactly the same due to the unique finish process. Seen on Style 65 (E39 M5) and style 40 (Z3 M Coupe, S54) wheels.

ZHP Wheel paint code Decor Silver I: A55

Used for most M Sport wheels from the early 2000s such as the E46 M3 CSL style 127, E46 ZHP style 135, style 166, style 193 etc.

Decorsilver II Decor Silver II: B20

Used for most M Sport wheels from the 2010s such as the F10, F2X, F3X. Style 193, 261, 326, 361 etc

Ferric Grey I Ferric Grey I: A80

A dark gray metallic color, not a full on black. Used for most M Sport wheels from the 2010s such as the F22 M235i. Style 436, 400 etc.

Orbit Grey B35 Orbit Grey: B35

A dark gray metallic color, not a full on black. Used with modern M wheels, late 2010s.

BMW Wheel Silver 144 Silver: 144

The standard silver wheel color up to approximately 2006.

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