BMW shift knob removal procedure

BMW Shift Knob Removal
BMW Shift Knob Removal
BMW Shift Knob Removal

Although it may seem elementary, we often are asked how to remove an OEM BMW shift knob.  There are numerous reasons to want to remove your shift knob.  To replace a worn knob, go with an aftermarket knob, upgrade to a newer OEM knob or maybe to replace the entire shift linkage for a short shifter.  The process is simple and the only tool you need is your hands.

What is the removal procedure?

➊ Pull up!!

That is correct, the only process to the procedure is to pull up. OEM BMW shift knobs are simply pressed on the shift lever.  Some knobs are more stubborn than others and may require a lot of force.  It may seem like its fastened or bonded in place but I assure you, it is not. Some aftermarket knobs have set screws, ensure your existing shift knob is NOT aftermarket and is the original factory knob.

What is a trick for stuck shift knobs?

For stuck knobs, I like to put the lever in 4th gear, make sure to open the sunroof if you are tall for extra head clearance.  Next, straddle the center console and use two hands to pull straight back.

It is not uncommon for your hand to fly in your face and give you a nice shiner as a result, so be warned.  Once the knob is off, to reinstall you simply insert the new OEM knob on top of the gear lever and pound down on the knob with your fist.  Make note if you are using an aftermarket knob and lever, the installation may require a set screw, the OEM BMW knobs do not.

What is the best OEM BMW shift knob?

We recommend the BMW ZHP weighted shift knob, it is by far the BEST OEM shift knob available from BMW.  It is featured in our pictures above and below. The BIMMERtips team uses it in all of our manual BMWs and see no reason to change to any other knob in the future.  The nappa leather wrapped knob is weighted to give the throws a nice solid, quality feel. In addition, the knob itself is shorter than the standard BMW shift knos, this allows for shorter throws. The ZHP shift knob comes both in 5 and 6-speed shift patterns.

Where can I purchase ZHP shift knob?

We sell them in our store and you can order now by clicking HERE

Where can I learn how to remove the BMW hood emblem?

Learn the hood emblem removal procedure HERE

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BMW ZHP Shift Knob Removal
BMW ZHP Shift Knob Removal
BMW ZHP Shift Knob Removal