Best Way to Clean Car Windows Streak Free

Invisible glass window cleaner BMW
Problem: Greasy, dirty car windows.
Application: All models
Solution: Newspaper & Invisible Glass
Where to buy: Wal-mart, Amazon
Cost: $3.44 per 22oz bottle

Summer time is finally here and this means lots of spirited driving with your windows down.  The more you drive with your windows down the more dirty air gets in your car and swirls around leaving a nasty film on the inside of your glass.  It can easily be noticed at night when an oncoming car's headlights hit your windshield just right.  This film is thick and greasy, it is hard to get off with conventional cleaners such as Windex.  I have  tried using ammonia and warm water but all that does is tend to smear it around and leave streaks in the end.  The best combination to remove this layer of gunky film is using Invisible Glass cleaner and newspaper.

Invisible Glass is hands down the best glass cleaner on the market.  It literally burns off that layer of film on the inside of your glass unlike any other product I have used and for less than $4 for a 22oz bottle, you cannot go wrong.  An essential part of cleaning car windows streak free is using newspaper.  Do not use a cloth or paper town.  Please, use good old fashion newspaper.  You can get free papers at the gas station so there is no reason not try it.  Using newspapers is the true secret to having streak free windows.

Newspapers have a special blend of dense fibers which contain no scratching materials and will not leave a lint trail like some paper towels.  A newspaper is super absorbent by nature because it has to absorb the ink from the press.  This quality makes it ideal for cleaning windows, absorbing the cleaner and not smearing it around leaving streaks.

I used to loathe cleaning my windows because the end result never left me satisfied.  Now that I have found the winning combination of products to use I enjoy cleaning them knowing the glass will literally be "invisible" after and it makes my driving more pleasurable after.

This cleaner does not contain ammonia and is SAFE TO USE ON WINDOW TINT.  It also contains no soaps or dies.

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Invisible glass window cleaner BMW