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bmw m4 laserlight headlights

How BMW Laserlight headlights work, benefits.

  How do BMW Laserlight headlights work? Laserlight headlights do not directly project light the road as one may think, given the name. Instead, the headlight housing directs three monochromatic blue laser light beams through a series of mirrors within the headlight assembly. Next, the light is directed towards a lens filled with yellow phosphorus.

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BMW E46 M3 CSL interior

What exactly is Alcantara?

  What exactly is Alcantara anyway? Alcantara is a synthetic, man-made, microfiber fabric similar in look and feel of suede. It was first invented in 1970 by Dr. Miyoshi Okamoto in Japan. Is Alcantara a generic term for microfiber fabric? No, Alcantara is a trademarked name. It is a form of Ultrasuede or microfiber fabric which

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