BMW E34 paint codes, OEM color options

BMW E34 paint code colors

BMW E34 paint codes and color options:

Below are the BMW E34 paint codes and color options for most models in the worldwide market. Different markets featured different paint color options from others. Not all colors were available in all markets. The BMW E34 5 series was offered with metallic paint as a no-cost option. The location of the paint code placard is found under the hood on the right-hand side strut tower.

The below listed E34 paint codes are for standard production models and does NOT include special order paint colors through the BMW Individual Program or E34 M5 colors. Click the link below to see the E34 M5 paint codes and color options during specific years of production.

BMW E34 5 series background:

The BMW E34 5 series was BMW's third-generation 5 series. Production ran from November 2, 1987 through June 1996. The market launch began in January 1988 with the 535i model. The 525i model began production in February 1988 and was available for purchase in April of 1988. The E34 5 series was the first 5 series model to be offered in a Touring or Wagon version. The E34 was also the first time the 5 series was offered with an all-wheel-drive option with the 525iX in addition to the first 5 series to be fitted with a V8 engine.

The BMW E34 5 series was manufactured in Dingolfting Germany as well as the Rosslyn plant in South Africa. It is claimed that BMW manufactured a total of 1,333,412 units of the E34 chassis world wide.

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BMW E34 Paint Color Options

Alpine White II 218
Alpine White III 300
Black 086
Salmon Silver Metallic 203
Cinnabar Red 138
Bronzite Beige Metallic 139
Cirrus Blue Metallic 189
Delphin Gray Metallic 184
Brilliant Red 308
Sterling Silver Metallic 244
Granite Silver Metallic 237
Lazur Blue Metallic 294
Iceland Green Metallic 273
Cashmere Biege Metallic 301
Maldives Blue Metallic 290
Calypso Red Metallic 252
Glacier Blue Metallic 280
Avus Blue Metallic 276
Diamond Black Metallic 181
Macau Blue Metallic 250
Malachite Green Metallic 205
Misano Red 236
Royal Blue Metallic 198
Salmon Silver Metallic 203
Sebring Gray Metallic 229
Jet Black 668
Lagoon Green Metallic 266
Mauritius Blue Metallic 287
Sebring Gray Metallic 229
Arctic Silver Metallic 309
Hellrot Light Red 314
Cosmos Black Metallic 303
Daytona Violet Metallic 283
Fjord Grey Metallic 310
Granite Silver Metallic 237
Oxford Green Metallic II 430

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