BMW E31 paint codes color options

BMW E31 paint codes and color options:

Below are the BMW E31 paint codes and color options for the standard production models for the North American market. Special orders which featured unique paint codes are not shown below. Euro-spec E31 paint codes and color options largely reflect that of the North American color options. The 850CSi was not sold in the US but since it was such a unique vehicle, it has its own chart below with dates of which the paint codes and color options were available.

The BMW E31 "Color Line" was a unique line of production vehicles in which the exterior paint color matched the color of the interior Nappa leather. The Color Line was only available on Euro-spec E850CSi models. The location of the paint code placard is found under the hood on the right-hand side strut tower.

BMW E31 8 series background:

The BMW E31 8 series was the first ever 8 series model. Production ran from February 1990 through May 1999. This was BMW's flagship model which featured the latest technologies and innovations as well as the most advanced engines. The BMW E31 8 series was only sold in V8 or V12 engine specs. The North American received a total of 6,920 vehicles before shipments to this market ended in 1997. World wide sales continued until May 1999 with a total production run in all markets reaching 30,609 units.

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BMW E31 Paint Codes / Color Options - North America

Alpine White II 218
Alpine White III 300
Arctic Silver Metallic 309
Brilliant Rot 308
Calypso Red Metallic 252
Cosmos Black Metallic 303
Diamond Black Metallic 181
Glacier Blue Metallic 280
Bright Red (Hellrot) 314
Lagoon Green Metallic 266
Mauritius Blue MEtallic 287
Orient Blue Metallic 317
Oxford Green Metallic 324
Black I 086
Black II 668
Sterling Silver Metallic 244

BMW E31 Paint Codes / Color Options - Color Line Options

Calypso Red Metallic 252
Tobago Blue Metallic 256
Barbados Greeen Metallic 247

BMW E31 850 CSi Paint Codes / Color Options

Alpine White II 218 08/1992 through 08/1993
Alpine White III 300 09/1993 through 10/1996
Brilliant Red 308 08/1992 through 08/1993
Bright Red (Hellrot) 314 09/1993 through 10/1996
Black II 668 08/1992 through 10/1996
Sterling Silver Metallic 244 08/1992 through 04/1994
Arctic Silver Metallic 309 05/1994 through 10/1996
Diamond Black Metallic 181 08/1992 through 04/1994
Cosmos Black Metallic 303 05/1994 through 10/1996
Granite Silver Metallic 237 08/1992 through 05/1993
Fjord Grey Metallic 210 06/1993 through 10/1996
Calypso Red Metallic 252 08/1992 through 10/1996
Lagoon Green Green Metallic 266 08/1992 through 05/1993
Oxford Green Metallic 324 06/1993 through 10/1996
Mauritius Blue Metallic 287 08/1992 through 05/1993
Orient Blue Metallic 317 06/1993 through 10/1996

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