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OEM BMW E30 fuse puller

OEM BMW fuse puller

Problem: Pulling fuses from fuse box. Application: All model BMWs Solution: Use the OEM BMW fuse puller Cost: Included with purchase of car or $2 new OEM BMW part number: 61131379583 Where to buy: BMW dealership, online parts distributors BMW fuse puller, lifter tool: BMW enthusiasts will know the older models came equipped with a

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E34 heater controls

BMW E30 & E34 defrost settings

Problem: Confusion on how to defrost windshield. Application: E30, E34 models Solution: Put heater / blower controls in proper settings. Cost: FREE BMW E34 & E30 defrost settings, front windshield: All modern day BMWs have a dedicated windshield defrost button. Humid mornings when condensation occurs or a sheet of frost in the winter can often

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