BMW Wheel M Emblem sticker replacement

BMW M wheel emblem replacement
Problem: Faded, worn or missing BMW wheel M emblem.
Application: Any Motorsport wheel w/ recessed application area.
Solution: Replace wheel M emblem.
Cost New: $8 - $10 each
OEM BMW Part Number: 36112228660
Where to buy: BMW dealership, FCPeuro, ECStuning

BMW Wheel M Emblem sticker replacement:

Most BMW models since the 1990s equipped with the sport package or a full M car has a set of wheels with the iconic M motorsport badge.  This badge measures 10mm in height and 18 mm in width.  On many high mileage vehicles the badge becomes faded, scratched or is completely missing.  An easy way to bring your wheel back to original condition is by replacing the emblem.  The process of replacement is simple considering it is just a sticker.

If your BMW wheel M stripe badge is still in place but worn, just pick at it with your fingers and peel it off.  Once removed, used goo gone or rubbing alcohol to clean off any residual adhesive.  Make sure the surface is completely clean of any oils or residue before applying the new emblem.

Apply the new BMW Wheel M emblem by pealing off the backing.  Make sure to not touch the sticky part with your fingers, this will transfer oil onto the back.  If any oil or dirt gets on the back, the emblem will not fully stick to the steering wheel.  Make sure to install the BMW Wheel M emblem in the correct direction with the top of the M closest to center of the wheel.

Where to buy?

The BMW Wheel M emblem can be ordered through your local BMW dealership or any online parts distributor such as or

What is the OEM BMW part number?


What models will it fit?

Any Motorsport wheel with the recessed rectangle which accepts the M emblem.

How much does it cost?

Prices range from $8 - $10 each new.

BMW M wheel emblem replacement
BMW M wheel emblem replacement