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BMW M carbon ceramic brakes

Ceramic / Drilled / Slotted / Scalloped / Floating Brake Rotors Explained

Most modern cars come equipped with four wheel disc brakes which provide a greater stopping power over drum brakes. The design of modern brake rotors has evolved over time and offer unique advantages and disadvantages to each style available. In high-end race applications, drivers want rotors with the least amount of weight and that remain cool without warping

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BMW double vanos cam gears

The basics of BMW VANOS variable valve timing system

What is the BMW VANOS system? VANOS: From the German “VAriable NOckenwellenSteuerung” (Translation: Variable Camshaft Timing). ¬†The BMW VANOS system allows variable camshaft timing of the engine.¬† The intake and / or exhaust cams vary in relation to the crank shaft to optimize engine performance at different engine speeds.¬† Early models only varied the intake

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