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1987 BMW E30 manufacturing

BMW E Chassis Codes

The ‚ÄúE‚ÄĚ designation in early model BMWs such as E21, E30, E36, E46 stands for “Entwicklung” in German which in English, this translates to ‚ÄúDevelopment‚ÄĚ.  The numbers simply stood for the sequential project in development.  Many of the very early models from the 1950s through to the 1970s such as the Isetta, 700, 2002 or

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BMW M carbon ceramic brakes

Ceramic / Drilled / Slotted / Scalloped / Floating Brake Rotors Explained

Most modern cars come equipped with four wheel disc brakes which provide a greater stopping power over drum brakes. The design of modern brake rotors has evolved over time and offer unique advantages and disadvantages to each style available. In high-end race applications, drivers want rotors with the least amount of weight and that remain cool without warping

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