BMW E60 paint codes, OEM color options

BMW E60 paint codes color options

BMW E60 paint codes and color options, 5 series:

Below are the BMW E60 color options for the standard production models for the North American market. Special orders which featured unique paint codes are not shown below. Euro-spec E60 paint codes and color options largely reflect that of the North American color options.

BMW E60 5 series background:

The BMW E60 5 series sedan (E61 Touring) was the fifth generation 5 series. It was manufactured from 2003 - 2010 in Dingolfing Germany and Shenyang China. The E60 5 series was the first ever BMW model to be fitted with a turbocharged petrol engine, a six speed automatic transmission and regenerative braking. A total of 1,096,444 sedan models were manufactured while 263,426 Touring models were manufactured totaling 1,369,817 E6X models world wide.

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BMW E60 Paint Codes / Color Options - North America

Alpine White III 300
Jet Black 668
Titanium Silver Metallic 354
Silver Gray Metallic A08
Titanium Gray Metallic A36
Amethyst Gray Metallic A09
Olivin Green Metallic 349
Oxford Green II Metallic 430
Mystic Blue Metallic A07
Orient Blue Metallic 317
Black Sapphire Metallic 475
Space Gray Metallic A52
Deep Sea Blue Metallic A76
Deep Green Metallic A43
Platinum Gray Metallic A68
Platinum Bronze Metallic A53
Monaco Blue Metallic A35
Carbon Black Metallic ^ 416
Copper Metallic A06
^ Available only on 550i with optional Sport Package

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BMW E60 5 series paint codes
BMW E60 5 series paint codes
BMW E60 5 series paint codes