BMW E60 M5 paint codes, color options E61

BMW E61 M5 Touring Interlagos Blue
BMW E60 M5 Indianapolis Red
BMW E61 M5 Touring Alpine White

BMW E60 M5 / E61 M5 Touring paint codes / OEM color options

The BMW E60 M5 made its debut at the 2004 Geneva International Motor Show still as a concept vehicle.  The E61 M5 touring was debuted at the Geneva International Motor show three years later in 2007.  Unfortunately the E61 touring was never for available for sale in the US market. 

Every E61 / E60 M5 was powered by a 5.0 L V10 engine, which was a clean sheet design.  No component of the engine was carried over from any previous generation motor.  The E60 M5 was the worlds first production sedan to offer a V10 motor keeping the M5 the fastest accelerating and highest stop speed of any 4 door sedan in the world at the time.  The delimited speed was 204 miles per hour and the 0 - 62 mph time was 4.2 seconds.

The North American market (USA and Canada) was lucky enough to get a 6 speed manual version of the mighty V10.  A total production run of the manual version was 1,364 versions.  The sequential manual gearbox version came in a 7 speed transmission.

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BMW E60 M5 paint codes / OEM Paint Color Options / E61 M5 Touring

Alpine White III 300 09/2004 thru 04/2010
Silver Grey Metallic A08 09/2004 thru 02/2007
Space Grey Metallic A52 03/2007 thru 04/2010
Silverstone II Metallic A29 09/2004 thru 04/2010
Interlagos Blue Metallic A30 09/2004 thru 04/2010
Indianapolis Red Metallic A31 09/2004 thru 04/2010
Sepang Bronze Metallic A32 09/2004 thru 04/2010
Monaco Blue Metallic A35 03/2007 thru 04/2010
Black Sapphire Metallic 475 09/2004 thru 04/2010
Carbon Black Metallic 416 05/2005 thru 04/2010
Sepia Brown Metallic * 474 05/2005 thru 03/2007
Brass Metallic * 621 05/2005 thru 03/2007
Dark Malachite Green Metallic * S10 05/2005 thru 03/2007
Blue Onyx Metallic * S11 05/2005 thru 08/2008
Black Opal Metallic * S12 05/2005 thru 03/2007
Diamond Metallic * A10 05/2005 thru 03/2007
Ruby Black Metallic * S23 05/2005 thru 04/2010
Azurite Black Metallic * S34 09/2005 thru 04/2010
Moonstone Metallic * S37 09/2005 thru 04/2010
Diopside Black Metallic * S44 03/2007 thru 04/2010
Aventurine Silver Metallic * S58 09/2007 thru 04/2010

* BMW individual colors only offered in some markets

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BMW E61 M5 Touring Interlagos Blue
BMW E60 M5 Silver
BMW E60 M5 paint codes Indianapolis Red
BMW E60 M5 Silverstone Metallic II
BMW E60 M5 Sepang Bronze
BMW E61 M5 Touring Alpine White
BMW E60 M5 paint codes Interlagos Blue
BMW E60 M5 Alpine White