BMW E46 M3 paint codes, color options

BMW E46 M3 Laguna Seca Blue
BMW E46 M3 Phoenix Yellow
BMW E46 M3 Interlagos Blue

BMW E46 M3 paint codes, color options

The BMW E46 M3 was produced from 2000 thru 2006 with a total production run of 85,744 units worldwide.  The BMW E46 M3 was only produced in a coupe and convertible options as the sedan option was dropped from the previous E36 M3.  BMW offered 14 color options in total for the E46 M3, 4 being solid and 10 being metallic.  All 14 of these colors included special edition models. Only 5 colors were availbe able through the entire run of the E46 M3 model. Some paints which were offered were not replaced while others had a similar replacement paint color.

Four special edition E46 M3 models were produced.  The GTR, CSL, 30 Years of BMW M and Silverstone edition have been released.  The color options available for each are shown below.

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BMW E46 M3 color options 2000 - 2006

Alpine White III 300 09/2000 thru 08/2006
Imola Red II 405 09/2000 thru 08/2006
Black II 668 09/2000 thru 08/2006
Laguna Seca Blue ^ 448 ^ 09/2000 thru 08/2004
Carbon Black Metallic 416 09/2000 thru 08/2006
Titanium Silver Metallic 354 09/2000 thru 08/2006
Steel Grey Metallic 400 09/2000 thru 02/2003
Silver Grey Metallic A08 03/2003 thru 08/2006
Topaz Blue Metallic 364 09/2000 thru 02/2003
Mystic Blue Metallic A07 02/2003 thru 08/2006
Interlagos Blue Metallic * A30 * 12/2004 thru 05/2006
Oxford Green II Metallic ^ 430 ^ 09/2000 thru 08/2004
Phoenix Yellow Metallic ^ 445 ^ 09/2000 thru 02/2005

* For Competition package and UK Club Sport models only
^ Colors not replaced once discontinued

BMW color options For Special Edition E46 M3 Models

Titanium Silver Metallic 354 GTR
Silver Grey Metallic A08 CSL
Black Sapphire Metallic 475 CSL
Imola Red II 405 30 Years of BMW M
Estoril Blue Metallic 335 30 Years of BMW M
Velvet Blue Metallic 379 30 Years of BMW M
Silverstone Metallic 425 Silverstone Edition

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BMW E46 M3 laguna seca blue
BMW E46 M3 Phoenix Yellow
BMW E46 M3 Laguna Seca Blue ad
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