OEM BMW E30 fuse puller

OEM BMW fuse puller

Problem: Pulling fuses from fuse box. Application: All model BMWs Solution: Use the OEM BMW fuse puller Cost: Included with purchase of car or $2 new OEM BMW part number: 61131379583 Where to buy: BMW dealership, online parts distributors BMW fuse puller, lifter tool: BMW enthusiasts will know the older models came equipped with a tool

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BMW tri stitch m color steering wheel clean

How to clean dirty colored stitching; steering wheel, seats etc

Problem: Dirty stitching on steering wheel (or seats, armrest, boots etc.). Application: All model BMWs Solution: Use dish soap with water and a clean toothbrush. Cost: FREE / $1 M stripe tri stitch cleaning: Human hands naturally produce oil which will work its way onto the stitching of your steering wheel over time. If you have black stitching,

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1987 BMW E30 manufacturing

BMW E Chassis Codes

The “E” designation in early model BMWs such as E21, E30, E36, E46 stands for “Entwicklung” in German which in English, this translates to “Development”.  The numbers simply stood for the sequential project in development.  Many of the very early models from the 1950s through to the 1970s such as the Isetta, 700, 2002 or

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