Interior upholstery options, BMW E30 M3

BMW E30 M3 Interior Upholstery options

The BMW E30 M3 was the first-ever M3 BMW produced.  It was manufactured from 1986 thru 1991 with a total run of 17,184 units worldwide.  The main reason for its production to the public was to be eligible to compete in Group A racing which required the entry cars to share the majority of its components with a road car.  The rules stated at least 5,000 examples had to be available to the public to be eligible for entry into racing.  The E30 M3 was first designed as a race car by the Motorsport division then reworked the necessary changes for it to be a roadworthy car.

BMW offered 11 interior upholstery options for the base model E30 M3 & Evolution I throughout its life. These options were available in full leather or full fabric. The special edition models had 10 interior upholstery options, these included all leather, all fabric or a combination of both. Refer to the model code chart below to see which models had which upholstery options. NOTE: Not all options were available on all models and all years.

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BMW E30 M3 Coupe model codes

AK01 Euro spec without catalytic converter
Includes Evolution I & II
03/1986 thru 08/1989
AK03 North American spec with catalytic converter 03/1987 thru 12/1990
AK05 European spec with catalytic converter
Includes Europa Meister 88 editions
05/1986 thru 05/1989
AK05 European spec with catalytic converter
Includes Cecotto & Ravaglia editions
04/1989 thru 12/1990
AK07 European spec Sport Evolution with catalytic converter 12/1989 thru 03/1990

BMW E30 M3 Coupe interior upholstery options 1986 thru 1990

Anthracite Country cloth 0211 AK01, AK03 03/1986 thru 12/1987
Pearl Beige Country cloth 0214 AK01, AK03 03/1986 thru 08/1987
Anthracite Uberkaro cloth 0304 / 0379 AK01, AK03 09/1987 thru 12/1990
Silver Uberkaro cloth 0305 / 0380 AK01, AK03, AK05 09/1987 thru 12/1990
Anthracite M-Technic cloth 0461 AK05 04/1990 thru 12/1990
Black Bison leather 0203 AK01, AK03, AK05 03/1986 thru 12/1990
Pearl Beige Bison leather 0206 AK01, AK03, AK05 03/1986 thru 08/1987
Silver Bison leather 0292 AK01, AK03, AK05 09/1987 thru 12/1990
Natur Bison leather 0295 AK01, AK03, AK05 09/1987 thru 12/1990
Cardinal Red Bison Leather 0295 AK01, AK03, AK05 03/1986 thru 08/1989
Crimson Red Bison leather 0324 AK05 09/1989 thru 12/1990
Anthracite Country cloth 0211 AK01, AK03, AK05 03/1986 thru 12/1987
* The above chart includes the Evolution I, however excludes the convertible

Special Edition EMW E30 M3 interior upholstery options

Europa Meister Silver extended nappa leather 0319
Tour de Corse Black Bison leather 0203
Evolution II Silver Uberkaro cloth / Silver Bison leather bolsters 0305
Cecotto / Ravaglia Anthracite M cloth with Black Bison leather bolsters 0344
Silver M cloth with Silver Bison leather bolsters 0345
Black Bison leather 0203
Black extended Nappa leather 0318
Silver extended Nappa leather 0319
Sport Evolution Anthracite M cloth 0316
Black nappa leather 0393

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