BMW E30 M3 OEM paint color options

Stock BMW E30 M3
Stock BMW E30 M3 Red
Stock BMW E30 M3
The BMW E30 M3 was the first ever M3 BMW produced.  It was manufactured from 1986 thru 1991 with a total run of 17,184 units world wide.  The main reason for its production to the public was to be eligible to compete in Group A racing which required the entry cars to share the majority of its components with a road car.  The rules stated at least 5,000 examples had to be available to the public to be eligible for entry into racing.  The E30 M3 was first designed as a race car by the Motorsport division then reworked the necessary changes for it to be a road worthy car.  BMW offered 8 color options for E30 M3 throughout its life for the NON-special edition models except the Evolution 1 edition.

BMW E30 M3 paint color options 1986 thru 1991

Alpine White 146 03/1986 thru 12/1987
Alpine White II 218 01/1988 thru 12/1990
Henna Red 052 03/1986 thru 08/1987
Cinnabar Red 138 09/1987 thru 08/1989
Brilliant Red 308 09/1989 thru 12/1990
Salmon Silver Metallic 203 03/1986 thru 08/1989
Sterling Silver Metallic 244 09/1989 through 12/1990
Diamond Black Metallic 181 03/1986 through 12/1990

BMW Special Edition E30 M3 Model paint color options

Macao Blue Metallic 250 Europa Meister, Evolution II, Cecotto / Ravaglia
Diamond Black Metallic 181 Tour de Corse
Misano Red 236 Evolution II, Cecotto / Ravaglia
Nogaro Silver Metallic 243 Evolution II, Cecotto / Ravaglia
Brilliant Red 308 Sport Evolution
Black II 668 Sport Evolution
Stock BMW E30 M3
Alpine White stock BMW E30 M3
Stock BMW E30 M3
Stock BMW E30 M3