What tool goes in this BMW tool kit location?

E30 toolkit tool blank
E30 toolkit tool window crank
E28 emergency window crank tool

The BMW tool kit contains many interesting tools, everything from basic screwdrivers to spark plug pullers and even emergency tools.  But many of the toolkits found in the older BMWs appear to be incomplete with multiple open spots.   The BMW tool kit trays are shared with multiple models.  

The OEM BMW small tool kit tray, OEM part number 71111128913 (superseded by  part number 71111152079), is used in the BMW E30, E28, E23, E25, E12 and Z1 models.  Some models have an optional larger toolkit as well.  Because of these kits, sharing models not every tool was available or needed for each model.   As a result, some locations were delivered from the factory with no tools inserted.

Many E30 owners will notice a location on the lower left corner is blank, making most owners think they have a missing tool.  This tool is in fact not used for the E30 model and was always left empty.  What goes in this spot is a tool for the electric window crank on the BMW E28, E12, E23 and E24 models, OEM part number (71111150500 or 71111150191).  If your window cranks fail, this tool will be able to manual raise or lower them.  One cannot purchase this tool new as it is NLA (No Longer Available) meaning BMW stopped making them new.  Years ago it could have been purchased new for around $8 up until around 2014 when production stopped.

So if you are an E30 owner and a fanatic about having a complete toolkit, you can now sleep at night knowing the spot in the lower left corner is not intended for BMW E30 owners.  Leave it blank and making it a point of conversation next time you show off your kit at the next BMW gathering.

BMW E30 toolkit empty space

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BMW E28 emergency window crank tool
BMW E28 emergency window crank tool