OEM BMW E39 M5 wheel style, specs

The BMW E39 M5 was only offered in one wheel style, style 65. The detailed specs of this wheel are documented below.

The E39 M5 was unveiled at the Geneva Motor show in 1998 and production started in October of that year. For the first time in a M car a V8 power plant was offered, significantly increasing power of the outgoing E34 M5 allowing for an unrestricted top speed of 186mph. In total, 20,482 units were produced in three different variations. The North American spec model and the European spec model in right hand and left hand drive. Throughout the production run of the E39 M5, no special models were produced.

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oem Bmw style 65 e39 m5 wheels
Wheel Style Number:
Style 65
Standard on: All E39 M5 models
Wheel Name: Double spoke
OEM BMW Part Number, Front: 36112228950, front
OEM BMW Part Number, Rear: 36112228960
Front Offset: ET+20
Rear Offset: ET+22
Bolt Pattern: 5 x 120
Factory Setup, Front: 18 x 8.0
Factory Setup, Rear: 18 x 9.5
Factory Tire Size, Front: 245/40/18
Factory Tire Size, Rear: 275/35/18
Weight, Front: 23.61 lbs (10.71 kg)
Weight, Rear: 26.24 lbs (11.90 kg)
Notes: Finished in satin chrome / chrome shadow paint. A unique process in which the wheel is finished in black paint first then sprayed lightly with silver to allow some of the black to show through. Not many wheel sets matched exactly the same due to the unique finish process.

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