BMW M6 paint codes, color options F06 / F12 / F13

BMW F13 M6 Sakhir Orange
BMW F06 M6 Gran Coupe Silverstone Metallic
BMW F06 M6 Gran Coupe Tanzanite Metallic

BMW M6 paint codes, color options:

The third generation BMW M6 was unveiled at the Geneva motor show in March 2012.  This generation comes in three different body types.  The F06 is the Gran Coupè four door, the F12 being the cabriolet or convertible version and the F13 being the standard two door coupe.  This body style is arguably the current best looking in the entire BMW line up.

All three models share the same 7 speed dual clutch transmission from the F10 M5.  The motor is a 90 degree 4.4 liter twin turbocharged V8 which produces 560hp and 502lbft of torque.  Compared to the M5 the F13 Coupè is 44 lbs lighter but is still 309 lbs heavier than the outgoing M6 model.  Price for a 2017 M6 start at $113,700 for the Coupè, $117,600 for the Gran Coupè and $120,000 for the Cabriolet.  

Color options start with nine standard colors, Alpine white being the only non metallic color available.  lf a customer decides on a BMW Individual color, the customer must wait an additional 6 - 8 weeks during the order process.  The extra time accounts for preparation required for a more lengthy paint process and sourcing exclusive interior trim and upholstery.  The individual colors are an additional $1,950 for the gloss metallic colors and an additional $3600 to the base price for the "frozen" colors.

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BMW M6 paint codes, OEM Paint Color Options F06, F12, F13:

Alpine White III 300
Black Sapphire Metallic 475
Mojave Metallic A17
Silverstone Metallic A29
Space Gray Metallic A52
Imperial Blue Metallic A89
San Marino Blue Metallic B51
Sakhir Orange Metallic B50
Singapore Gray Metallic B41
Citrin Black Metallic * X02
Ruby Black Metallic * X03
Tanzanite Blue Metallic * X10
Moonstone Metallic * X04
Frozen Bronze Metallic * X11
Frozen Brilliant White Metallic * X16
* BMW Individual Color

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BMW F13 M6 paint codes Sakhir Orange
BMW F13 M6 singapore gray metallic
BMW F06 M6 paint codes Gran Coupe Silverstone Metallic
BMW F12 M6 Cabrio Tanzanite Metallic
BMW F06 M6 Gran Coupe Tanzanite Metallic
BMW M6 F06 Gran Coupe Frozen Bronze Metallic
BMW F12 M6 cabrio Frozen White