BMW fuel cap holder

BMW E36 fuel cap holder
Problem: Fuel cap hangs from car causing scratches when filling.
Application: All model BMWs
Solution: Use the built in holder
Cost: FREE

BMW fuel cap holder:

When filling up your BMW with fuel, often times owners will remove the cap and let it hang down onto the body of the vehicle from the plastic lanyard. Some vehicles lack the plastic lanyard to begin with, tempting owners to place the cap on the trunk or roof while refueling. Either scenario will eventually cause scratches to your clear coat over time.

Luckily, BMW has a built in solution to the inside of the fuel door. The engineers at BMW had enough foresight to design fuel cap holder that sits on the inside door of every BWM model. This prevents any confusion on what to do with the cap when refueling.  Although the design has varied slightly over the years the function is the same. Simply place the fuel cap in the dedicated holder when fueling. 

Not only does this prevent scratches to the surface of your car, it also forces you to put the fuel cap back on before shutting the door. This may not be an earth-shattering tip but we observe the abuse of the fuel cap quite often when at the fueling station and feel it is worthy of a post to inform BMW owners of the little features the car has in place to make your life easier.

The below pictures show the E30 in white, E36 in yellow and E46 in silver.

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BMW E46 fuel cap holder
BMW E36 fuel cap holder
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