BMW E86 Z4 M Coupe paint codes, color options

BMW E86 Z4 M Coupe Blue rear quarter
BMW E86 Z4 M Coupe Black Side View

BMW E86 Z4 M Coupe Paint Codes:

The BMW E86 Z4 M Coupe was first unveiled at the 2006 Geneva International Motor Show. Every E86 M coupe was powered by the 3.0L S54 engine, which was first used in the iconic E46 M3. Although the engines were the same, horse power in the Z4 M coupe was down 5 hp (338hp from 343hp) due to the shorter exhaust. Much of the suspension components on the Z4 M coupe were also taken from the E46 M3. The entire braking system was taken from the E46 M3 CSL.

Production of the E86 M Coupe ran from April 2006 through August 2008. Final assembly of all Z4 M Coupes were completed in Spartanburg, North Carolina, USA. A total of 4,581 units were produced world wide for the North American, and European markets combined. The European market received both left hand and right hand drive versions. Throughout the production span of two years and 4 months, the Z4 M Coupe was offered in 13 paint options total; 11 being metallic and 2 solid.

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BMW E86 Z4 M Coupe paint codes / OEM Paint Color Options

Alpine White III 300 04/2006 thru 08/2008
Imola Red II 405 04/2006 thru 08/2008
Titanium Silver Metallic 354 04/2006 thru 08/2008
Silver Grey Metallic Red A08 04/2006 thru 09/2007
Space Grey Metallic A52 10/2007 thru 08/2008
Black Sapphire Metallic 475 04/2006 thru 08/2008
Interlagos Blue Metallic A30 04/2006 thru 08/2008
Monaco Blue Metallic A35 04/2006 thru 08/2008
Sepang Bronze Metallic A32 04/2006 thru 08/2008
Carbon Black Metallic ^ 416 06/2006 thru 08/2008
Phoenix Yellow Metallic ^ 445 06/2006 thru 08/2007
Midnight Blue Metallic * 453 06/2006 thru 08/2008
Ruby Black Metallic * S23 06/2006 thru 08/2008
^ Special Order
* BMW Individual Color

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BMW E86 Z4 M Coupe paint codes Phoenix Yellow Rear Quarter View
BMW E86 Z4 M Coupe White Side View

BMW E86 Z4 M Coupe Black Side View
BMW E86 Z4 M Coupe Blue rear quarter
BMW E86 Z4 M Coupe paint Sepang Bronze rear quarter