BMW E28 M5 paint codes, color options

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BMW E28 M5
BMW E28 M5

The BMW E28 M5 first debuted at the 1985 Amsterdam Motor Show.  Every E28 M5 was hand built in Germany except for the M5's sold in South Africa, which were assembled in the BMW South Africa factory.  Two engines were sold in the E28 M5, the M88 and S38.  The difference is the M88 does not have a catalytic converter.  The requirement of the catalytic converter was a law set by the North American and Japanese governments to meet more strict emissions standards.

The E28 M5 was first limited to 500 units for the North American market but eventually over 1,200 units were produced by the end of production in November 1987.  Every North American E28 M5 was sold as a 1988 year models despite all of them being manufactured in 1987.

 The North American cars were very limited in options due to the large quantity of cars needed to be manufactured in a short time.  As a result the only exterior option was Black and the interior leather was Natural (tan) or Black.  In other parts of the world however the options list was more extensive including 20 total exterior paint colors. 

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BMW E28 M5 OEM Paint Color Options

Arctic Bleu Metallic 045 10/1984 thru 08/1986
Polaris Metallic 060 10/1984 thru 08/1986
Black 086 10/1984 thru 11/1987
Cinnabar Red 138 10/1984 thru 11/1987
Bronzit Metallic 139 10/1984 thru 11/1987
Alpine White I 146 10/1984 thru 11/1987
Lapis Blue 173 10/1984 thru 11/1987
Agate Green Metallic 177 10/1984 thru 08/1986
Diamond Black Metallic 181 10/1984 thru 11/1988
Delphin Metallic 184 10/1984 thru 11/1988
Cosmos Blue Metallic 185 10/1984 thru 08/1986
Cirrus Blue Metallic 189 09/1986 thru 11/1988
Sable Brown Metallic 196 10/1984 thru 11/1987
Royal Blue Metallic 198 09/1986 thru 11/1987
Burgundy Red Metallic 199 10/1984 thru 11/1987
Salmon Silver Metallic 203 10/1984 thru 11/1987
Malachite Green Metallic 205 09/1986 thru 11/1987
Henna Red 052 06/1987 thru 11/1988

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