BMW E39 M5 paint codes, OEM color options

BMW E39 M5
BMW E39 M5
BMW E39 M5

BMW E39 M5 paint codes and color options:

The E39 M5 was unveiled at the Geneva Motor show in 1998 and production started in October of that year.  For the first time in a M car a V8 power plant was offered, significantly increasing power of the outgoing E34 M5 allowing for an unrestricted top speed of 186mph.  In total, 20,482 units were produced in three different variations.  The North American spec model and the European spec model in right hand and left hand drive.  Throughout the production run of the E39 M5, no special models were produced.

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BMW E39 M5 paint codes / color options 1998 thru 2003

Alpine White III 300 10/1998 thru 06/2003
Imola Red II 405 10/1998 thru 06/2003
Black II 668 10/1998 thru 06/2003
Carbon Black Metallic 416 10/1998 thru 06/2003
Titanium Silver Metallic 354 09/1999 thru 06/2003
Silverstone Metallic 425 10/1998 thru 08/2001
Blue Water Metallic 896 09/2001 thru 06/2003
Anthracite Metallic 397 10/1998 thru 08/2001
Sterling Grey Metallic 472 09/2001 thru 06/2003
Avus Blue Metallic 276 10/1998 thru 02/2000
Le Mans Blue Metallic 381 03/2000 thru 06/2003
Oxford Green Metallic 324 10/1998 thru 08/1999
Oxford Green Metallic II 430 09/1999 th thru ough 06/2003
Royal Red Metallic 390 10/1998 thru 08/2001
Chiaretto Red Metallic 894 09/2001 thru 06/2003

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BMW E39 M5 paint codes
BMW E39 M5
BMW E39 M5
BMW E39 M5
BMW E39 M5 paint codes