How to adjust BMW E46 clock setting

How to adjust E46 clock setting


Problem: Clock setting is not accurate.
Application: All BMW E46 models.
Solution: Perform the steps below
Cost: FREE


How to adjust the BMW E46 clock / time setting:

If you installed a new battery, disconnected your current battery or it happens to be daylight saving time, you will need to learn how to set the clock in your BMW E46.

Luckily, the procedure is very simple and only takes a few minutes of your time.

What are the steps?

  • ➊ Turn the key to position 1 or higher (this procedure can be done with the engine running).
  • ➋ On the left steering wheel stalk, press the computer button to make the time display in the instrument cluster (see picture below).
  • ➌ On the right instrument cluster button, rotate the button left or right to adjust the time.
  • ➍ Turning the button to the right sets the time ahead, turning the button to the left to set the time back.
  • ➎ The adjustment speed will increase the longer you continue to hold the button.
  • ➏ To change the display mode to or from 12 hr / 24 hr press the right button briefly.
  • ➐ Remove the key, the procedure is complete.
  • ✔ The time on the radio will automatically adjust.

What are other instrument cluster tips?

  • ✔ Learn how to reset your oil service / inspection light -->HERE.
  • ✔ Learn how to tell if your instrument cluster mileage has been tampered with -->HERE.

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How to adjust BMW E46 clock
How to adjust BMW E46 clock
How to adjust BMW E46 clock