Don’t buy aftermarket wiper blades for your BMW

BMW wiper blade insert refill

Why aftermarket wipers are a waste of money:

Wiper blades will inevitably wear out over time. Even if you don’t use them often, the rubber oxidizes, becomes brittle and cracks rendering them useless. It is best to replace worn wipers right away and ensure driver safety on the road with proper visibility.

The common signs of worn blades are streaks on your windshield. This is usually a sign the rubber is warped, cracked or just worn out. Now that you know you have worn wipers, what are your options to replace them? Most people will head to the nearest auto parts store and pick up aftermarket blades which can range from really cheap to really expensive. We recommend skipping the installation of these aftermarket wipers and going with the cheap but effective solution, OEM BMW wiper blade refills.

Why not use aftermarket wiper blades?

Only the rubber on the wiper wears out, not the entire arm. So why are you replacing and paying for parts that are not worn out (also creating more waste)? You are paying for the extra material and packaging of the entire arm when only the rubber needs replacing. This raises the cost of the product for unnecessary reasons. Also, most aftermarket wiper blades perform worse than the original BMW rubber blades which came with the car.

What is the better solution to aftermarket wiper blades?

The best solution is to keep the OEM BMW wiper arms and just replace the worn part, the rubber wiper blade insert. Like any OEM BMW part, the BMW blade insert refills are made to exact BMW specifications and have superior quality control over many aftermarket products. These are the same wiper blade sets that came with the car when as delivered new from the dealer. Most people do not realize you can replace just the rubber blade itself without the need to replace the entire wiper arm.

What are the advantages of using the OEM BMW wiper arms?

The OEM BMW wiper arms are already designed for the contour of your windshield with the proper pressure points in place to make for an effective wiper blade. Too many pressure points can make the arm rigid and lead to squeaking noises, streaking and lower visibility. Aftermarket wipers are intended to fit all model cars and cannot be specific enough to be a perfect design for every car model.

Most BMW wiper arms have a built-in aerodynamic spoiler which helps prevent the wiper arm from moving up at high speeds. This spoiler also helps reduce wind noise and reduces drag increasing efficiency. If you replace the OEM wiper arm, most aftermarket options do not have this feature. Without this spoiler, drivers may notice extra wind noise and more drag at higher speeds.

How much do the OEM BMW aftermarket wiper blades cost?

Cost is around $10 each per blade, cost will vary slightly depending on length of the wiper.

How long does it take to replace the rubber blade insert refill?

It takes around 10 minutes total to remove a wiper arm from your car, replace the rubber wiper insert refills and reinstall the wiper arm back on your vehicle.

Where can I purchase OEM BMW aftermarket rubber blade inserts?

Your local BMW dealership will surely supply BMW wiper blade insert refills. Google the OEM BMW part number to find your favorite online vendor.

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