BMW Red Paint Colors & Paint Codes

BMW red paint colors and paint codes

BMW red paint colors are some of the most iconic and lustful in the automotive industry. The majority of the famous BMW red paint colors were reserved for the M cars but were then later optional on base model vehicles with the sport packages or offered through the Individual program.

Arguably the most iconic red is found on the BMW E30 M3, Brillliant Red. It was used on the late model E30 M3 as well as the special edition Sport Evolution model. From the 1980s through modern day, BMW still offers red paint options that will go down in history as recognizable paints unique to specific models. Imola Red being one of those colors, used on the BMW E36 M3, E46 M3, E39 M5 and more.

Below are a list of some of the most famous BMW red paint colors, their paint codes and the BMW model most famously associated with that color.

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Popular BMW Red Paint Color Options

Brilliant Red 308 E30 M3
Light Red (Hellrot) 314 E36
Calypso Red Metallic 252 E34 M5
Misano Red 236 E24 M6
Cinnabar Red 138 E28 M5
Imola Red 405 E36 / E46 M3
Melbourne Red Metallic A75 E92 M3
Indianapolis Red Metallic A31 E60 M5
Henna Red 052 E30 M3
Royal Red Metallic 390 E39 M5

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bmw e60 m5 Indianapolis red metallic
bmw e36 m3 imola red
bmw e46 m3 imola red
bmw e30 m3 brilliant red
bmw e24 m6 Misano red
bmw e92 m3 Melbourne red metallic
bmw e39 m5 imola