BMW M8 technical specs and fun facts

BMW M8 specs

The first generation BMW M8 / Coupe / Convertible / Competition

The long-awaited first-generation 2020 BMW M8 is here. BMW officially unveiled the flagship M8 model on May 6, 2019. Two models of the M8 were unveiled, the Coupe and the Convertible as well as the optional Competition Package available for both. Below we will go over the technical specs of the new models, paint options, wheel options as well as review some fun facts worth learning. All prices listed below are in US dollars as of July 2019.

What is the base cost of the 2020 BMW M8?

Coupe: $133,000
Convertible: $142,500
Coupe Competition: $146,000
Convertible Competition: $155,500

What are the engine specs of the BMW M8?

Engine code: S63B44T4
Engine configuration: V
Number of cylinders: 8
Valves per cylinder: 4
Displacement: 4395 cc (4.4L)
Compression ratio: 10:1
Forced Induction: Twin Turbos each with M TwinScroll Turbo technology

M8 Base Model Engine Performance:

Max Power: 600hp (441kW) @ 6000rpm
Max Torque: 553lb-ft (750Nm)
0 - 62 mph (0 - 100km/h): 3.3 seconds
0 - 124 mph (0 - 200km/h): 10.8 seconds

M8 Competition Model Engine Performance:

Max Power: 625hp (460kW) @ 6000rpm
Max Torque: 553lb-ft (750Nm)
0 - 62 mph (0 - 100km/h): 3.2 seconds
0 - 124 mph (0 - 200km/h): 10.6 seconds

M8 transmission specs:

Type: 8 speed M Steptronic
Transmission Cooler: Yes
Power Transfer: M xDrive intelligent all-wheel-drive system, central transfer case with fully- variable multi-plate clutch, fully-variable torque distribution between front and rear axle, rear differential with fully-variable Active M Differential, locking effect 0 – 100 per cent.

M8 Base Model Wheel / Tire specs:

Front tires: 275/40 ZR19 105Y XL
Rear tires: 285/40 ZR19 107Y XL
Front wheels: 9.5J x 19 light alluminum alloy
Rear wheels: 10.5J x 19 light alluminum alloy

M8 Competition Model Wheel / Tire specs:

Front tires: 275/35 ZR20 102Y XL
Rear tires: 285/35 ZR20 104Y XL
Front wheels: 9.5J x 20 light alluminum alloy
Rear wheels: 10.5J x 20 light alluminum alloy

BMW M8 OEM Paint Color Options

Alpine White 300
Black Saphire Metallic 475
Brands Hatch Grey Metallic C17
Sonic Speed Blue Metallic C1A
Marina Bay Blue Metallic C1K
Donington Grey Metallic C28
Dravit Grey Metallic * C36
Barcelona Blue Metallic C38
Motegi Red Metallic C3K
Almandin Brown Metallic * C46
Aventurin Red Metallic * X1C
Frozen Bluestone Metallic ^ X1D
^ $5,000
* $1,950

BMW M8 OEM Interior Merino Leather Options

Silverstone extended Included
Silverstone Full extended Included
Black extended Included
Sakhir Orange / Black full $3,500
Midrand Beige full $3,500
Taruma Brown full $3,500
Black full $3,500
Ivory White / Night Blue full $3,500
Ivory White / Tartufo full $3,500

BMW M8 OEM Interior Trim Options

Ash Grain Grey - Metallic Wood Included
Carbon Fiber Included
Individual Piano Black $1,080
Ash Black Silver Wood $1,080

What are 10 fun facts about the BMW M8?

➊ The BMW M8 features an electric water pump dedicated to cool just the twin turbos, even after the engine has been turned off.

➋ The M xDrive system, also found on the F90 M5, is a rear wheel biased system and only brings the front wheels into action when the rear wheels reached the limits of power transfer and when additional traction is required. Deactivating DSC brings the car into full rear wheel drive mode.

➌ An all new braking system is featured on the G14 / G15 M8 which allows the driver to chose between two brake pedal feel settings, COMFORT and SPORT. These modes alter the amount of pressure on the brake pedal.

➍ The BMW M8 Competition Package includes stiffer motor mounts (increases agility on turn in), sharper steering, tuned suspension, increased camber, ball joint toe links (in lieu of rubber) and more.

➎ The M8 standard interior trim is carbon fiber, typically on option on other M models.

➏ The M8 Competition models feature a TRACK mode which not only turns off all drier aids, it also turns off the radio and center screen to ensure maximum concentration on the track. TRACK mode also blanks out road sign detection and distance information.

➐ The M8 features many optional extras such as heated arm rests (doors and center arm rest), sun protection glass as well as premium Bowers & Wilkins Diamond surround sound system with a 16 channel amp and up to 16 speakers of which some are illuminated.

➑ The M8 M Performance Carbon Package has additional carbon parts than the standard carbon package BMW offers. The additional package includes carbon side skirts, kidney grills and engine cover. All carbon parts are made by hand and finished in high gloss with UV and temperature resistant coatings.

➒ The M8 base models feature a body color painted spoiler on the rear boot lid to improve aerodynamic balance while the Competition models are painted in black.

➓ The M8 features an all-new brake booster system which saves 2kg (4.4 lbs) over a traditional brake booster system. This system is a vacuum free design which increases efficiency. Brake pressure is triggered by an electric actuator which allows for a more dynamic and faster, precise activation by the stability control system.

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