Advantages of BMW ConnectedDrive

BMW Connecteddrive

BMW is responding to their customers’ demand for more digital mobility. And to achieve this they created the BMW ConnectedDrive – a package of software systems that enhances the convenience and safety of their BMW range. This has given their customers a seamless experience by allowing them to enjoy certain products and services via the BMW Connected App.

BMW ConnectedDrive is a subscription service that costs $50 annually. It has an initial three-month trial so you can experience it yourself. But if you’re still considering if you should give the subscription service a shot, here are just a few advantages of getting the BMW ConnectedDrive:

Vehicle status checking

You can now easily check the charging progress, tire pressure status, fuel and battery levels, and more with the My BMW App. Using Remote Services, you can also lock, unlock, and locate your car. You can even integrate the app with Amazon Alexa to stay in touch and in control. Simply say orders like: “Alexa, ask BWM to lock my car,” and it will do so. You can also do preconditioning, which is optimizing the temperature inside your car and prolonging the life of your battery before you even start your trip. ConnectedDrive can also let you know when you need the next oil change, new brake pads, or an overall vehicle check.

Integrated safety technology

You can never be too safe. For one, the BMW Digital Key technology now lets you use your smartphone as your key. Another useful feature is the Night Vision with Pedestrian & Animal Detection, which uses infrared sensors to detect people and animals. If anything is picked up, the system alerts you and even pre-conditions the brakes as well.

Ease of navigation

BMW ConnectedDrive features help drivers use GPS, find parking spots, and identify points of interest. BMW Maps even makes it possible to receive important traffic data in real time, which include delay alerts, potential detours, and even calculations on how the traffic delay will impact your trip. This is possible due to the use of a cloud-based system that makes route calculations faster and more dynamic due to combining real-time data with forecast models. The connected sensors in the vehicles themselves have interactive routing circuitry that ensures the high-speed technology works seamlessly. Interconnected multi-board assemblies also make it possible for you to make the BMW do other things, such as play music or audio books, while still being able to effortlessly receive live information.

Advanced assistance features

The BMW ConnectedDrive has a feature inspired by the technology found in airplane cockpits: the Head-Up display. As the name suggests, it shows information such as speed, navigation, and driving assistance directly on the windshield but below the driver’s line of sight. This is so you can still see and process the information without having to look away from the road.

But the biggest assistance feature would have to be the voice-activated BMW Intelligent Personal Assistant. It builds a comprehensive profile that learns your preferences, remembers destinations, and climate settings over time. Just say “Hey, BMW” then say your request – which can include operating the windows, switching drive modes (between COMFORT, SPORT, and ECO PRO), and even asking for tips on how to drive better.

Having the BMW ConnectedDrive can be very convenient as it can actually do everything for you -- except drive. And to keep it working, just remember to update the software to get the newest features.

BMW Connecteddrive

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