Reset E36 oil service light, how to

bmw e36 oil service reset procedure

How to reset BMW E36 oil service light:

The below procedures works for all BMW E36 3 series models both OBDI and OBDII models. After performing an oil change, the BMW E36 oil service / inspection light must be reset. Once reset, service indicator lights will be full green and begin to countdown until the next oil service interval.

The reset procedure is straightforward and does not require any special tools or even for the vehicle to be brought to a dealer. If you change your own oil at home you can and must reset your indicator light through the steps below. The only "tool" required is a jumper wire.

What is the reset procedure?

  • ➊ Locate the DLC (Data Link Connector) next to the right hand strut tower on the inside of the engine bay. Unscrew the cap.
  • ➋ Obtain a small gauge wire to fit inside the pin receptacles. Approximately 2 inches (5 cm) of wire in length is needed.
  • ✔ It is recommended to use a fused or inline resister with the jumper wire to prevent a surge in amperage from frying your system. Although this is recommended, it is not required. Proceed at your own risk.
  • ➍ Ensure the key is removed completely from the ignition.
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  • ➎ Locate pin receptacles 7 and 19. The numbers are small, use the image to the left as a visual reference.
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  • ➎ Double check and verify to have the jumper in the correct pin receptacles before proceeding.
  • ➎ Ensure the wire is contact the metal sides of the receptable to transmit the signal.
  • ➏ Insert the key in the ignition and switch to position two, power but NOT ignition.
  • ➐ After approximately 4 seconds, remove the jumper wire with the key still in position 2.
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  • ➑ The OIL SERVICE light will eras and the service interval light bars will light up green, reseting your countdown meter.
  • BMW E36 oil reset trouble shooting issues to note:

    • If the oil service light does not erase after 4 seconds, ensure the jumper wire has a proper contact with the metal receptacles in the data link connector. Too thin of a jumper wire may not have proper contact with the sides which will not allow the current to travel through the wire.
    • If the oil service light does not erase after 4 seconds, try again. Ideally this is a two person operation. One person inside turning the key to position 2 and another person holding the wire and removing it after 4 seconds.

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