Don’t use Rain-X Washer fluid in your BMW!

Clogged BMW washer fluid filter Rain-X
Problem: Washer fluid filter clogs up and overworks motor
Cause: Rain-X washer fluid.
Application: All models
Solution: OEM BMW washer fluid
OEM Part Number: 83192221702
Where to buy: HERE
Cost: ~$7 / 16 fl. oz bottle

Rain-X makes some popular products, their wiper blades, rain repellant and even their anti fog solution are very popular and can be purchased almost anywhere these days.  Their most popular product, Rain-X washer fluid, can be the most harmful however to your BMW washer fluid filter which will eventually lead to a failed washer fluid pump.

Why shouldn't I use Rain-X washer fluid?

Rain-X washer fluid has many additives in it to give it water repelling and bug removing properties.  However, over time these additives can create a gelatinous solution at the bottom of your washer tank.  This gel will clog up your pump filter and cause your lines to clog, your pump to overwork and fail or both.  Additionally, if your nozzles go a little rogue and spray on your hood or roof Rain-X washer fluid can leave a sticky residue behind.  None of these scenarios are desirable for your cherished BMW.

Reasons NOT to use aftermarket washer fluid:

➊ Additives can clog your washer pump and cause it to fail.
➋ Additives can clog your spray nozzles and cause them to fail.
➌ Additives can leave a film on your windshield which may cause glare at night.

What is the better alternative to Rain-X washer fluid?

There is a simple and VERY CHEAP solution that is often overlooked, using OEM BMW washer fluid concentrate. This OEM BMW product is sold in 16 ounce concentrate bottles for less than $10.  This bottle can make up to  10 gallons of washer fluid, this equates to less than $1 PER GALLON of washer fluid, much cheaper than Rain-X.  Not only is the cheap price an advantage but it is an OEM BMW product which will not harm your vehicle over time like using the Rain-X brand.  This fluid will not clog your filter, not harm your paint and will leave your windshield streak free just like intended from the factory.

Treat your BMW to quality OEM products.  When the alternatives are the same price or more expensive with the same result why wouldn't you just go with the cheaper solution of OEM BMW quality?  It will possibly save you a filter and or washer pump in the future.

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Image source of clogged filter:

Clogged BMW washer fluid filter Rain-X
OEM BMW washer fluid
OEM BMW washer fluid
OEM BMW washer fluid
OEM BMW washer fluid
OEM BMW washer fluid
OEM BMW washer fluid

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