BMW E90 M3 CRT detailed specs


How many CRT units did BMW produce?

BMW manufactured 67 production units of the E90 M3 CRT as well as one additional model which is still in possession by BMW M. Each production model received an individually numbered placard located on the passenger side interior dash trim marked “M3 CRT XX” where “XX” denotes the sequential build number up to 67. "00" marks the preproduction model owned by BMW.

Of the total 67 units manufactured, 62 exist in left-hand drive while 5 were manufactured in right-hand drive. The preproduction model “00” was left-hand drive as well. The CRT was not sold in the US market.

What does “CRT” stand for?

CRT denotes “Carbon Racing Technology”. According to BMW, this technology “embodies a concentrated blend of state of the art development expertise inspired directly by motorsport - in the areas of drive system and chassis technology and intelligent lightweight design.

The carbon emphasis is on the “CFRP” (Carbon Fiber Reinforced Plastic) manufacturing process which is used throughout. BMW states this vehicle represents a worldwide debut of this unique process on a production vehicle in the automotive industry. The use of CFRP helps reduce the overall weight of the vehicle, increasing the handling agility as well as the overall power to weight ratio of 7.72lbs (3.5kg) per 1 horsepower.

The CFRP hood uses only two moldings of carbon encasing an aramid honeycomb core, an almost identical process used in aerospace. When compared to an aluminum hood, the CFRP hood saves around 50% of overall weight.

What other lightweight measures did BMW use on the CRT?

BMW used their lightest weight M3 wheels (style 359M). Cellular honeycomb wrapped in carbon used on componants such as the front bucket seats, rear wing, front lip and front air intake ducts. This cellular carbon honeycomb was later used in the manufacturing of body components for The BMW i3 and i8 models.

Further weight reductions include reduced soundproofing, a titanium muffler, and uniquely designed rear seats.

What standard equipment came on the CRT?

All CRT models feature an M double-clutch transmission (DCT), a manual was not an option. Navigation was standard along with the BMW individual High-End audio, luggage area package, alarm syste and PDC Park Distance Control.

What is the overall weight of the CRT?

BMW lists the official unladen weight of the CRT at 3,483 lbs (1,580kg) which is around 100lbs (45kg) less than the standard E90 M3. Because most of the weight reduction was near the front axle, the overall balance was improved to 51.6% front to 48.4% rear.

Does the CRT have unique power figures?

The BMW E90 M3 CRT uses the same power plant as the track-focused E92 M3 GTS. Improvements over the base S65 engine included a bored out piston stroke from 75.2mm to 82mm (increasing total displacement to 4,361cc). Power output increased from 420hp to 450hp (331kW) and from 295lbft to 325lbft (440Nm). The crankcase bedplate features a special, weight savings aluminum-silicon alloy and a dynamically optimized wet sump oil system.

Power delivers through a 7-speed dual-clutch gearbox with a tune specific to working with the engine’s new power curve. Launch control comes standard.

What are the M3 CRT wheel optinos?

The CRT features matte black Style 359M 19 inch wheels. Tires fitted are 245/35R19 fronts and 265/35/R19 rears.

What cosmetic features make the CRT unique?

All CRT models feature Frozen Polar Silver Metallic (paint code W73) with Melbourne Red Metallic accents on the exterior (paint code A75). The front kidney grills are matte black in addition to the wheels. The air intakes in the hood, side gills and the pinstriping found on the rear deck spoiler and front lip are Melbourne Red Metallic. A carbon fiber front lip and rear deck spoiler are also unique to the CRT. Under the hood, the a silver finished plastic engine cover. Other than the unique color combination of the exterior, no exterior markings of “CRT” can be found.

The interior seats feature Black Novillo leather with and Sakhir Orange accents including contrast stitching. Alcantara wraps the steering wheel with the tri-color M stitching. Sakhir Orange is also found on the door sill plates and wrapped on the edge piping of the black floor mats. Aluminum grain finish on the interior dash and door trims.

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