Products We Use and Recommend for your BMW

OEM BMW E36 lower cross brace

  • OEM BMW quality you cannot beat
  • Factory standard on the legendary E36 M3 LTW
  • Substantially stiffens front end in cornering
  • Acts as a skid plate to protect oil pan
  • Bolts up to factory threadserts on face lift
  • Requires small modification on preface

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OEM E30 floor mat option

  • OEM BMW option for no longer available E30 floor mats
  • Available in black, tan and gray
  • Keeps the OEM look and quality in your E30
  • Readily available to buy brand new

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OEM BMW ZHP Shift Knob

  • OEM BMW quality you cannot beat
  • Available in 5 or 6 speed
  • Weighted for solid and crisp shifts
  • Short in height for slightly shorter throws
  • Premium leather and aluminum construction
  • Minutes to install

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BMW Antenna delete plug

E30, E36, E28, Z3 antenna delete plug

  • Fits all E23, E28, E30, E36, Z3 models
  • Self sealing water tight plug
  • Plug and play with no modification
  • Requires no sealant
  • Special locking tabs to hold in place

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Invisible Glass Premium Glass Cleaner

  • Safe on Window Tint
  • Superior cleaning power and invisible clarity
  • Cleans windows, mirrors and windshields
  • More powerful than other glass cleaners
  • Quickly removes oily dirt, fingerprints, sap, bugs
  • Also removes droppings, grease, adhesives & smoke haze
  • Contains no soaps, foams, scents, or dyes

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Hard Water / Mineral Spot removal on Windows

  • Removes mineral and hard water spots on car windows with ease
  • Brings back crystal clear clarity
  • Works effectively and quickly where other methods do not
  • Make sure to wear rubber glove when applying

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Renewing faded plastic BMW trim

  • Renews faded plastic trim
  • Naturally water repellant
  • Works effectively and quickly where other methods do not

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OEM BMW washer fluid

  • OEM quality you cannot beat at a cheap price
  • Makes up to 10 gallons
  • Contains alcohol for quick drying
  • Does not clog your washer pump or filter like Rain-X
  • Does not dry green like Rain-X

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BMW Single Vanos Valve Timing Kit

  • Aligns and holds the camshaft in position when assembling cylinder head and replacing timing chain
  • Top Dead center pin to lock flywheel when replacing the camshafts or VANOS assemblies.
  • Includes vanos turning wrench
  • Works on M50, M52, S50US, S52US engines
  • Restore low end torque and power
  • Improve gas mileage

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