Daily Bite Sized BMW Tips – March 2019

bmw n52

March 31, 2019
The total weight of the N52 is, in part, reduced by the lighter camshafts. The total weight of the camshafts has been reduced by approximately 25% using “hydroforming” technology during the manufacturing process. Weight savings is approximately 21 oz (600 grams 1.3 lb) per camshaft compared to the outgoing M54.

bmw e46 3 series

March 30, 2019
For the first time in a 3 series, auto circulation becomes standard on the E46 model.

bmw 7 series lci

March 29, 2019
The BMW G1X 7 series LCI features a sharply defined and very slim light strip (it measures just .25 in (6mm) in width) sited below the chrome bar, which extends across the full width of the tailgate and connects the rear lights with each other.

bmw e34 m5 cabriolet

March 28, 2019
In 1989 BMW created an E34 M5 convertible concept by stretching the two front doors of the sedan version to give easier access to the rear seats. The concept was ready for production until a last minute decision was made to cancel the model. BMW believed this model would have cannibalized sales of their 3 series convertible model.

bmw x3 x4 m

March 27, 2019
The G01 / G02 X3M, X4M and Competition models debuted with 7 color options including including the new shade Toronto Red metallic and – also exclusive to M cars – Donington Grey metallic.

bmw e46 m3 gtr

March 26, 2019
The P60B40 power plant found in the BMW E46 M3 GTR has a 4.0L V8 engine with a max power output of 444 hp (331kW) at 7,500rpm with 354 lbft (480Nm) of torque at 5,500 rpm.

bmw e34 5 series

March 25, 2019
The BMW E34 5 series and E32 7 series were developed at the same time resulting in a similar exterior design and technological features.


March 24, 2019
The BMW X7 comes with an option for the Executive Drive Pro package which adds active roll stabilization. This system features electric swivel motors which offset body roll when driving quickly through corners. Not only does this help with agility and handling, it helps increase traction when accelerating by keeping a bigger tire patch to the road.

BMW E90 interior

March 23, 2019
The BMW E90 3 series door trim panel is attached to the door by means of three mounting screws. Unlike the E46, there is no airbag integrated in the door trim panel. The side airbag is now incorporated in the seat.

BMW N52 wiki

March 22, 2019
The N52 engine introduces major use of magnesium engine components over the majority of aluminum components in the predecessor M54. BMW states they reached the full potential of aluminum components and use magnesium as an alternative for its light weight and low density properties. Magnesium also offers exceptional casting properties with a great surface finish.

BMW E46 Coupe

March 21, 2019
For the first time in the 3 series the E46 model replaces the outgoing ASC (Automatic Stability Control) in the E36 with the DSC (Dynamic Stability Control).

BMW G12 7 series

March 20, 2019
The G1X 7 series LCI features laminated glass with an increased thickness of 5.1mm (.2 in). This is used not only for the windscreen but also for the side windows and rear window too. This new construction for the side and rear windows are standard for the BMW 750i xDrive, BMW 750Li xDrive and BMW M760Li xDrive models and is available for the other model variants as a component of the Rear Comfort Glass option.

BMW G01 x3m competition

March 19, 2019
The G01 / G02 X3M, X4M and Competition models feature the same steering wheel which debuted on the F90 M5. The highlighting feature are the two red M1 and M2 buttons which allow the driver to customize desired powertrain and chassis settings and switch between them at the press of a button.

BMW S14 sport evo

March 18, 2019
The 2.5L, 4 cylinder, S14 engine was used exclusively in the 1990 E30 M3 Sport Evolution. These engines feature a black cam cover but have red spark plug wires. Power output is 235hp at 7000 rpm and 177 lb-ft(240Nm) at 4,750 rpm.

BMW E3 2500

March 17, 2019
The BMW E3 was produced between 1968 and 1977 and was BMW’s first high volume production executive model. The E23 7 series was the successor.

BMW E65 7 series

March 16, 2019
The E65/E66 is the first BMW model with the antenna for the Global Positioning System (GPS) and telephone antenna integrated into one roof antenna (shark fin antenna).

BMW Zagato coupe

March 15, 2019
BMW teamed up with Italian coach builder Zagato to transform an E89 Z4 into a one of a kind, hand built, coupe which debuted in 2012.

BMW E28 M5

March 14, 2019
The BMW E28 M5 had manual seats as standard for the German market but electric seats were an option. For the USA and UK market, electric seats were standard.

bmw just 4 2

March 13, 2019
The BMW Z21 “Just 4/2” was a concept car from 1995 featuring a rear mid mounted 1.1L engine from a BMW K1100 motorcycle. Overall weight 1212lbs(550kg) and 0-60 mph times took 6 seconds. The doors were detachable allowing it to be transformed from a roadster to an exoskeleton car.


March 12, 2019
The E9X 320d x-Drive was the first 3 series 4 cylinder model offering an all wheel drive system. A system previously reserved for 6 cylinder models.

BMW E12 5 series

March 11, 2019
Early remarks of the E12 5 series stated the air conditioning was not suitable for American temperatures. In an attempt to convince BMW that a more powerful air conditioner was needed, two BMW engineers were subjected to a long trip to Texas in the rear seat of a black BMW 530i with the power windows disabled.

bmw e90 3 series

March 10, 2019
The 5th generation E9X 3 series was fitted with the world’s first magnesium-aluminium alloy crankcase in the N52 motor.

BMW E30 M3 cabriolet

March 9, 2019
Since the E30 M3 cabriolet was based on the standard E30 cabriolet shell, it could not accept the special aerodynamic trunk used on the standard E30 M3 coupes.

BMW E60 M5

March 8, 2019
The E60 M5 has a unique AGM battery which offers advantages in charging behavior. The number of charging cycles is three times higher than that of a conventional car battery.

BMW G12 7 series carbon core

March 7, 2019
The BMW G12 7 series is the first large-series vehicle in the world in which carbon fiber is used in the passenger safety cell for rollover and collision protection.

bmw e46

March 6, 2019
US spec E46 models equipped with the ZPP premium packaged included upgraded wheels and tires, multifunction steering wheel, wood grain interior, rain sensing wipers, auto dimming rear view mirror, power seats, moonroof and lumbar support (excluding the 325i).

bmw x5 v12 le mans

March 5, 2019
In 2000, BMW fitted a first generation X5 with their Le Mans S70/3 V12 engine (the McLaren F1 used the S70/2). The 6.0 Liter made 700 hp and 520 lb-ft of torque through a proper 6 speed manual transmission and maintained 51:49 front to rear weight distribution. 0 - 60 mph in 4.7 seconds.

BMW 640i Gran Coupe

March 4, 2019
The often confusing naming convention of the BMW Gran Coupe models are designated for their 4 door vehicles with a coupe like roof life. This gives the appearance of coupe body lines with the practicality of 4 doors.

BMW E38 7 series

March 3, 2019
The E38 was BMW’s third generation 7 series produced from 1994 to 2001.

bmw g29 z4

March 2, 2019
The BMW G29 Z4 is 85mm longer (3.35 in), 74mm wider (2.91 in), 13mm taller (.50 in) and has 26mm shorter wheel base (1.02 in) than the outgoing model.

pure metal silver

March 1, 2019
Pure Metal Silver is the most exclusive BMW Individual paint available. It has a unique metallic polish and brilliance through the use of special Aluminum particles and a more complex production and grinding/polishing process. Two sets of paintwork across four coats results in a glossy deep brilliance which looks almost chromed.