Daily Bite Sized BMW Tips – February 2020


February 29, 2020
The BMW E46 330i ZHP has increased spring stiffness compared to the standard 330i model with a 6% increase in the front and 8% increase in the rear. Shocks were increased by 50% in the front and 20% in the rear.

BMW E32 750iL

February 28, 2020
The E32 7 series was the first BMW model to feature an optional long wheel base version, designated by the ‚ÄúiL‚ÄĚ badging.

BMW E28 M5

February 27, 2020
The E28 5 series has a rear hinged hood (bonnet) compared to the previous E12 and superseding E34 model which have front hinged, or clam shell hoods.

BMW E38 Alpina B12

February 26, 2020
While BMW electronically limited the E38 7 series to 155mph (250kph), the Alpina models were not limited and able to reach a top speed of 181mph (291kph) in the B12 6.0 model, power output was 424hp from a naturally aspirated v12.

BMW E34 5 series

February 25, 2020
The BMW E34 5 series was manufactured from November 1987 through June 1996. A total of 1,333,412 units were sold world wide.

bmw m8 coupe

February 24, 2020
The first generation M8 SPORT mode changes the instrument cluster with an RPM dial, shift light indicators, digital speed display, current gear display, coolant temperature, tire pressure and G meter.

bmw m2 cs

February 23, 2020
The BMW M2 CS is powered by the same S55 motor as in the Competition model, however power is increased to 450hp (40hp more than the competition).

bmw e34 interior

February 22, 2020
1989 BMW E34 models did not have wood as an interior trim option.

e46 headlights

February 21, 2020
From 2003 to 2004 the US spec E46 330i and 330xi sedans can no longer be differentiated by the titanium exterior trim on the front grills and headlights. The headlights returned to black and the front spoiler is a combination of black and body color.

bmw 600

February 20, 2020
As of 2019 the BMW 600 holds the record for the shortest production 4 seater car of 114 inches (290.0cm). The BMW 600 was manufactured from 1957 - 1959.


February 19, 2020
The P48 2.0 liter engine (used in the M4 DTM car) weighs just 85kg (187lbs) nearly half the weight of the outgoing V8 engine. Power output is greater by more than 100hp for a total of 600hp. Weight and horsepower are regulated by the Class 1 regulations. Engine redline is 9,500rpm.

bmw m8 gte

February 18, 2020
The TwinPower Turbo V8 in the M8 GTE is restricted by regulations to a capacity of 4.0 liters, has a nominal base output of more than 500 hp, depending on the classification. The cylinder block and cylinder head are taken from the production engine and are produced in the light alloy foundry at the BMW Group plant in Landshut Germany.

BMW E34 M5

February 17, 2020
The BMW S38B36 used in the E34 M5 was largely based on the M1 and E24 M635CSi motors. A newer crank however allowed for 2mm more stroke and was specially balanced in 12 locations to not only provide a smoother operation but improve longevity of the motor.

BMW F44 Gran Coupe 2 series

February 16, 2020
The first generation BMW 2 series Gran Coupe comes equipped with full LED headlights and taillights as standard. Adaptive LED headlights are an option.

bmw m8 coupe

February 15, 2020
An all new braking system is featured on the first generation M8 which allows the driver to chose between two brake pedal feel settings, COMFORT and SPORT. These modes alter the amount of pressure on the brake pedal.

bmw e53 x5 4.8is

February 14, 2020
The N62B48 (used in the E53 4.8is X5) engine’s oil pan material has been changed from cast aluminum to sheet steel. The bottom section of the oil pan is made from 2mm thick sheet steel and is less susceptible to mechanical influences compared to the N62B44 (cast aluminum). A longer oil dip stick was added as well to accommodate for the deeper pan.

bmw zagato coupe

February 13, 2020
The BMW Zagato Coupe features a unique color offering, Rosso Vivace. The color spectrum, depending on light, ranges from a near black to a brilliant red. The primer is made up of a black application followed by a layer of shimmering metallic silver, then with six ultra thin coats of exclusively developed red. Two layers of clear coat are then applied.

bmw e31

February 12, 2020
It has been said the development cost of the BMW E31 8 series, at the time, was over $581 million dollars (500 million Euros).

bmw e9 cs m30

February 11, 2020
BMW's M30 inline six cylinder engine had the longest production run of any other BMW engine, first used in the 1968 E3 sedans and E9 coupes. The last use of the M30 block was the 1994 E32 730i. Displacement ranged from 2.5 to 3.4 liters over 26 years.

bmw e36 m3-r

February 10, 2020
The 1994 BMW E36 M3-R model outputs 326hp, 39 more hp than the standard European model, 86 more hp than the 1995 US spec model, making it the most powerful production E36 M3 ever.

bmw m8 competition

February 9, 2020
The first generation M8 comes standard with 20 inch M twin spoke alloy wheels. A staggered tire setup measures 275/35/20 fronts and 285/35/20 rear. Other optional 20 inch wheel designs are available, however the Competition model features a unique 20 inch star spoke design as standard (shown), tire widths are same as base model.

bmw p48 engine

February 8, 2020
The 2019 M4 DTM P48 engine is nearly 50% more fuel efficient than the M121 predecessor 50 years ago from 1969 and 10% more efficient than the outgoing engine. Although fuel flow is regulated by the Class 1 rules the use of high pressure fuel injectors aids in this efficiency.

bmw e65 idrive

February 7, 2020
The first iteration of the iDrive system being built around a central knob was an industry trend later copied by Audi’s Multi Media Interface and Mercedes-Benz Command APS system.

F32 435i Coupe ZHP Edition

February 6, 2020
The M Performance Limited Slip Differential found on the F32 435i ZHP utilizes 3 clutch plates for a total of 30% lockup on acceleration and 9% lockup on deceleration. This lockup provides instant power to the wheel that has the greatest amount of grip to gain better traction out of tight corners. An additional benefit in low-grip situations is that both wheels get equal torque, meaning more forward driving force on roads with reduced traction.

bmw n52 aluminum bolt

February 5, 2020
Due to the N52’s magnesium construction, any ancillary components which are attached to the engine exterior are connected by aluminum bolts. The aluminum bolts are needed to prevent contact corrosion. Conventional steel cannot be used in magnesium for any reason. The aluminum bolts can be identified by a blue colored bolt head and their light weight. The aluminum bolts can only be used once and must be replaced after each use.

bmw e39 style 32

February 4, 2020
Federal law has required all motor vehicles since 1967 to have a dual or tandem master cylinder. This means there are two separate hydraulic circuits, so that in the event that one of the circuits develops a major leak the other system will operate with the ability to stop the vehicle. All BMW vehicles utilize a front/rear split, this means that the front brakes will still operate if a brake hose in the rear ruptures.

E92 M3 Lime Rock Park

February 3, 2020
BMW made 200 examples of the E92 M3 Lime Rock Park edition as a final send off to the USA market before the M3 was replaced. This vehicle was specifically developed for the famous Lime Rock Park race track found in Connecticut.

BMW E53 4.8is X5

February 2, 2020
The N62B48 (used in the E53 4.8is X5) is equipped with a modified oil pan compared to the N62B44. The bottom section of the oil pan has been lowered by 16mm (.63 in) to accommodate the increased displacement of the N62B48. This modification minimizes power losses that occur in the crankcase as the result of pumping and splashing movements.

BMW M8 Coupe

February 1, 2020
The first generation M8 features an electric water pump dedicated to cool just the twin turbos, even after the engine has been turned off.