BMW S14 Engine code meaning decode

BMW Engine code / naming convention explained

FacebookTumblrGoogle+Twitter BMW engine codes contain an order of numbers and letters which represent specific technical information.  Although at first glance these numbers may seem random, they actually have a meaning.  This is very similar to a VIN or Vehicle Identification Number.  It is a way more manufacturers to record which version the vehicle has. Understanding

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BMW hood emblem roundel removal

How to remove & replace BMW hood emblem, roundel, badge

FacebookTumblrGoogle+Twitter Problem: Missing, faded, cracked, weathered hood emblem / roundel. Application: All model BMWs Solution: Remove and replace. Cost: $33 Where to buy:, BMW hood emblem, roundel, replacement: Like every plastic car part exposed to the elements, over time it will crack, fade, weather and or fall apart.   The BMW hood emblem

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OEM BMW E30 fuse puller

OEM BMW fuse puller

FacebookTumblrGoogle+Twitter Problem: Pulling fuses from fuse box. Application: All model BMWs Solution: Use the OEM BMW fuse puller Cost: Included with purchase of car or $2 new OEM BMW part number: 61131379583 Where to buy: BMW dealership, online parts distributors BMW fuse puller, lifter tool: BMW enthusiasts will know the older models came equipped with a

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BMW tri stitch m color steering wheel clean

How to clean dirty colored stitching; steering wheel, seats etc

FacebookTumblrGoogle+Twitter Problem: Dirty stitching on steering wheel (or seats, armrest, boots etc.). Application: All model BMWs Solution: Use dish soap with water and a clean toothbrush. Cost: FREE / $1 M stripe tri stitch cleaning: Human hands naturally produce oil which will work its way onto the stitching of your steering wheel over time. If you have black

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