E30 windshield wiper grommet bushing

BMW droopy / sloppy windshield wiper arm fix

Facebook0Tumblr0Google+0Twitter Problem: Droopy / sloppy wiper arms. Application: 1502, 2002, 2500, E21, E30, E12, E28, E24, E23, E38 Solution: Replace damper grommet OEM part number: 61611353754 Where to buy: FCPeuro.com, ECStuning.com, Dealership Cost: $5.09 each (2 per car) What is the cause of sloppy wiper blades? Plastics and rubbers do not age well, over time

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BMW headquarters Munich

BMW headquarters design meaning

Facebook0Tumblr0Google+0Twitter Munich Germany has been the location of the iconic BMW headquarters for over 40 years now and has been deemed as a history building since 1999.   There is no doubt the building’s shape is unique, but many people do not know that the four towers mimic the four cylinders in a car engine.  This was

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OEM BMW E30 floor mat option

Discontinued OEM BMW E30 floor mats option

Facebook0Tumblr0Google+0Twitter Problem: OEM E30 floor mats are NLA (no longer available). Application: E30 Solution: OEM BMW E46 Convertible floor mats Where to buy: Dealer / Authorized Parts Dealer OEM Part No.: 82110021270 (Anthracite) Cost: $109.99 Original E30 floor mats are NLA (no longer available) to buy brand new.  BMW discontinued making them.  For those of

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BMW E30, E36, E28, Z4 antenna delete plug.

E30 E36 E28 Z3 Self Sealing Antenna Delete Plug

Facebook0Tumblr0Google+0Twitter Problem: Open hole after removing busted antenna. Water leaks in trunk. Application: E30, E36, E28, Z3 Solution: Self sealing antenna delete plug Where to buy: Purchase Here Cost: $9.99 shipped Antenna Delete Plug Product Information: – Plug and play installation. – Naturally seals / water proofs antenna cutout. – Requires no use of sealant or

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