Daily Bite Sized BMW Tips – October 2018

bmw e46 zhp

October 31, 2018
The E46 ZHP was the first non M 3 series to be fitted with a 6 speed manual transmission.

bmw g20 3 series

October 30, 2018
Overall the G20 3 series has an average of 25% stiffer body rigidity over the previous generation. Some areas of the chassis sees an increase of 50% stiffness.

bmw x7 grills

October 29, 2018
Not only are the kidney grills on the X7 the largest ever on a BMW model but the hood roundel found on the X7 model is larger diameter than the standard hood roundel found on all other models.

bmw e38 7 series

October 28, 2018
The E38 7 series was produced from 1994 to 2001.

bmw e12 m535i

October 27, 2018
The E12 M535i was not offered in the USA market due to high cost for converting it to meet safety and emissions regulations.

bmw e46 m3

October 26, 2018
A total of 85,766 BMW E46 M3 models were sold world wide.

bmw e28 533i

October 25, 2018
The BMW E28 533i (sold from 1983 thru 1984) was the fastest sedan sold in the USA in 1983.

bmw e60 interior

October 24, 2018
The BMW E60/E61 is the only 5 series interior to not have the center console angled towards the driver. All generations prior and after had the more driver focused interior.

bmw x7

October 23, 2018
The BMW X7 comes standard with a ten speaker hi-fi system, an optional Harman Kardon sound system features 16 speakers and a further optional Bowers & Wilkins Diamond surround sound system features 20 speakers.

BMW g29 z4

October 22, 2018
The G29 Z4 offers over 50% more trunk capacity than the previous model for a total of 281 liters (13.5 cubic feet). This total capacity remains the same with the roof open or closed.

BMW E34 interior

October 21, 2018
Older model BMWs uniquely have the rear seat belts anchored on the inside and the buckle on the outside, this is a more comfortable arrangement and helps keep passengers separated in the event of a side collision.

BMW G20 3 series m sport

October 20, 2018
Aerodynamic improvements on the G20 3 series decreased the coefficient of drag from .26 to .23. A near completely sealed underside of the body, air curtain bumpers, aerodynamic wheels and active air flaps in the kidney grill aided this achievement.

BMW E31 M8

October 19, 2018
The BMW E31 M8 prototype was so early in development at the time that headlights were not yet fitted to the vehicle, an indication of how far along the development was until making it road legal. BMW market research found there was no market for such a car and the project was canceled.

BMW M240i

October 18, 2018
Modern BMW engines use map control to supply oil to the engine as it is needed. This reduces overall average oil pressure in the system as well ensuring the oil pump is used only when needed, making its power input as small as possible and increasing engine efficiency.

BMW E23 7 series

October 17, 2018
BMW claims the E23 7 series structural steel is able to be submerged in salt water for up to 10 days without compromising structural integrity, a testament to its strength, rust protection and longevity.

BMW F90 M5

October 16, 2018
The F90 M5 4.4-liter twin turbo V8 engine increases power output from the previous generation by 40 hp and 53 lb-ft, this new engine develops 600 hp and 553 lb-ft of peak torque. A traditional automatic is the only transmission option, a dual clutch or manual are not available.

BMW e12 m535i

October 15, 2018
The E12 M535i is the only official BMW Motorsport-developed version of the E12 5 Series, a M5 version was never produced.

BMW M1 procar

October 14, 2018
The exact number of BMW M1 cars used in racing is unknown. Rumor is around 60 total, 49 for the Group 4 Pro Car series.

bmw e46 m3 interior

October 13, 2018
For 2002 North American E46 M3 models came standard with in dash CD player instead of a cassette player.

bmw e28 us spec

October 12, 2018
From 1986 onwards, all E28s sold in North America had power-adjustable front seats as standard as well as an upgraded stereo.

bmw m30b30 engine

October 11, 2018
Both the M20 and M30 feature six cylinder engines with single overhead cams, however, the M30 featured a chain drive valve train compared to the belt driven M20 valve train.

BMW Laserlight headlight

October 10, 2018
With BMW Laserlight, there’s no need to turn off the lights when oncoming traffic is approaching. Instead, Laserlight uses a camera Selective Beam system that detects oncoming vehicles or those that are overtaking the BMW, and then, the beam is automatically dimmed to prevent blinding these vehicles.


October 9, 2018
The E46 ZHP package increased the M54B30 engine power by 10hp using a new cam and different DME for a total of 235hp and increased the redline 300rpm fora 6800 max rpm, torque was increased by 8 lbft.

BMW G20 3 series white

October 8, 2018
Despite being larger, the G20 3 series is up to 121 lbs (55kg) lighter than the outgoing model, depending on optional equipment. Aluminum front struts, front subframe, hood and front side panels aided in the weight reduction.

bmw f90 m5

October 7, 2018
When the F90 M5 engine is first started, the vehicle will be in all-wheel-drive mode (4WD) with Dynamic Stability Control (DSC) turned on. The driver is then able to vary the handling characteristics of the M5 by enabling various driving dynamics modes, including a rear-wheel-drive only mode with no DSC.


October 6, 2018
Inside the E46 1.8-litre 4-cylinder engine are two balancing shafts which improved the noise level inside the car by up to 10 dBA (decibels) as compared to the predecessor model.

bmw e30 m3 interior sport evo

October 5, 2018
All E30 M3 models produced were left hand drive as BMW decided the development costs for right hand drive did not meet the demand.

bmw f10 m5

October 4, 2018
The BMW F10 M5 launch control is programmed for the optimal amount of wheel slip, which is 17%, for the fastest acceleration off the line. 0 - 60 mph takes just 3.7 seconds.

BMW E31 850csi

October 3, 2018
Only 1510 examples of the BMW 850CSi were manufactured from August 1992 thru October 1996. Strict emissions regulations for 1997 halted further development of the V12 engine not only for BMW but for other manufacturers such as Aston Martin.

BMW N55B30 motor

October 2, 2018
The crankshaft of the N55 motor weighs 44.75lbs (20.3kg), approximately 6.61lbs (3kg) lighter than the N54 engine.

bmw e12 5 series

October 1, 2018
The E12 is not only the first 5 series, it is also the first BMW vehicle to adopt the traditional nomenclature badging that is still in use today. The first number denoting the series and the second two numbers denoting engine size.